Build, Iterate and publish Virtual Worlds like never before

Integration with

Studio features

Use Web3 assets in your world

Find and purchase your Web3 Assets and seamlessly integrate into your world with help of the Studio

3D No-Code Studio

No special skills required. Just bring your imagination, create and share with a few button clicks.

Free access

Just register on the platform and start creating.

Own your metaverse

Whatever you create in Studio is yours. Just publish and share your world.

Use for different purposes



Arrange meetings, create shopping experiences for physical and digital goods, showcase your art in metaverse galleries. We provide the ability to customize the environment to suit your preferences. Shop in a major metropolis? Easily!


Are you looking for a way to provide new dimension of experiences to your fans and followers? With the Studio and the help of our team you can arrange the metaverse performances, concerts, parties and immersive quests to your audience.

For personal use

You can create your own world and customize it with our tools. Gather friends, chat, walk. With our technology, the distance between you and your loved ones is no longer a barrier.
Metaverse world in the browser

Simple to use - Powerful - 100% browser based.

Our platform is built for the web, and accessible anywhere. As simple as the website can be. Just click a link and you are in the metaverse.

4 steps to create your world



Sign up or sign in

Create a world

Click the “create scene” button


Use OZONE’s 3D library bring your own web3 and digital assets to create extraordinary experience.

Save & Share

Click save button to preserve your changes. Click “Share” button and send the link for your newly created metaverse to anyone you want.
Art Exhibits
Conferences & Festivals
Events Solutions
Kids Learning
Malls & Stores
Meeting Rooms
Meta Cities

Soda Cola

A Proof of Concept for a new type of interactive advertisement experience. Get your audience and customers engaged in metaverse ads they won’t forget with gamification elements. In this first experience, you become a polar bear collecting Soda bottles before taking a trip to the moon with Santa after you successfully complete your quest.

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